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 It all began in 2008 when Ivory, an Air Force veteran, lit a conventional paraffin candle in her room one evening.  Within minutes her normally-stuffy nose began to run and burn ferociously! Not realizing that it was the candle causing her the added discomfort, she attributed it to the winter weather and continued on with her everyday living.  Each time she lit the candle, however, her symptoms worsened.  Finally, the light bulb clicked on in her head; it was the candle!  After reading about toxins in paraffin candles she decided to switch to soy, but couldn't find any scents on the store shelves that she liked (or any prices she was willing to pay).  So, after much thought and research, she decided to make her own.  Two years later, after giving her candles away as gifts to family, friends, and charities, she decided to make her creations available for all!  Our hope is that you will find as much enjoyment and comfort in products from the Pure Ambiance Apothecary as we have.


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